Velo-Touring, cycling tours, europe tour, europe trip, cycling holidays, individual bike tour, bike holidays Sailing & Cycling - Varied-Tour No. 22.
Cycling Sailors and Sailing Cyclists
Activity holiday for hobby sailors and leisure bikers
Cycling on the Balaton Bike Ring,
Circumnavigation of Lake Balaton
by Bike and Boat
- Individual, but familial self-guided tour -

  Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

  Length: total 125-141 kms / 78-88 miles by bike, of which ca. 30-40 kms / 19-25 miles riding per day and overall ca. 122 kilometers / 76 miles sailing by yacht.
(Four days sailing & biking, of which daily ca. 4 hours cycling and ca. 4 hours sailing, which means a variation - each day a different location & marina)

  Route characteristics:
    (for Cyclists)
You will cycle on properly signposted and well constructed bicycle paths around Lake Balaton.
With the exception of very rare and short upward routes on the north bank, are ascents here not to be expected. This tour is suitable for every cyclist, who have average experience (both families and seniors can manage), the distances are quite short and gradients generally easy.
No rocky desert, no endless cycling to the crest. (Level 1 - easy)
  Route characteristics:
    (for Sailors)
Lake Balaton is the largest inland lake in Central Europe, covering 596 square kilometers, slightly larger than Lake Constance. In contrast to Lake Constance , it is rather shallow with a maximum depth of only 11 meters. The limitless freedom of Lake Balaton, neat beaches, a beautiful peninsula, newly renovated, small coastal towns, and numerous vineyards near the shore make this type of combination tour (- on + around the Lake Balaton -) a unique experience. Who now has the huge cruise ships from the TV series or the floating mega hotels from promotional brochures threatening in mind, can sigh with relief and look forward to this special lake trip : manageable motor sailing yachts, up to a maximum 4 persons (at request for families 6 persons) + skipper, space and berths offer, make sailing on the Balaton an individual tour, which fulfills every desires and gives pure pleasure. Hobby sailors and leisure cyclists - join now!
  Level of support: 1st class service of from 2 friendly and helpful leaders: the driver of the escort/service van with the bicycle trailer, and the helmsman of your sailing yacht.
  During Cycling: Our chauffeur drives the support/service van/bus, which transports you and your luggage from Budapest to Balaton and back. With the van he is carrying a special bike trailer. As additional security, our driver is always reachable through cell (mobile-) phone /Service Hotline/ The driver can help to repair small glitches of your bike. During your daily sailing tours our driver transports your bike with the special bike trailer to the next port, certainly for free.
  During Sailing: The "crew" consists of a trained and licensed skipper (= "ship ladder", "captain"). He is there, so you can circumnavigate even without ship-driving license, but you can voluntarily cooperate with him on board. Thus for this "sailing & cycling tour" no a license, a boating certificate or training required!
  Start City: Budapest (Hungary)
  End City: Budapest (Hungary)
  Prices: see you below

Velo-Touring, cycling tours, europe tour, europe trip, cycling holidays, individual bike tour, bike holidays
Tour dates 2018

Departure of this tour
from 4 participants
on every Sunday
between 03 May - 18 October
Just e-mail us!

(Except for two Hungarian church-
and public holidays: 24.05, 16.08)

HIGHLIGHTS of this special Combination Tour:

  • Unique, close to nature repose on open water, hence the use of motor boats on the Balaton is forbidden because of protection of the nature since 1976. (for your information: sailing out, and arrival in port facilities are for sailboats with auxiliary motors allowed; if wind force is under a Beaufort the motor use is allowed )
  • Small (very small!) tourist parties: max. 4 (!) guests on board per sailing yacht.
    (only upon special request max. 6 persons, for ex.: a family)
  • The bike routes are selected so that you are " enjoying and exploring " the most beautiful bike paths along Lake Balaton. A fantastic selection!
  • The relative shallow water of Lake Balaton heats up quickly, so swimming in this fresh water lake sometimes is possible even in the spring and autumn months. Remember this too: no shark, no jellyfish, no sea urchins ....!
  • Getting to know the wine regions around Lake Balaton: wine tasting (3X), at each evening if you stay overnight on the water.
  • Hit two birds with one stone: cycling adventure and sailing delight in one!
  • Cycling to largest natural and biologically active thermal lake in the world. (Heviz)
  • Bathing opportunity directly from the board (even in the middle of the lake), Our motto: "First we step on the pedals, then we jump into the water from the sailing yacht..."
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 persons = Maximum number of participants: this is limited by 4 persons as well - per sailing yacht(!). Accommodation in 2 separate cabins with double bed. (Families or Friends can book on request up to 6 persons in the 2 +1 sleeping areas)

  • Prices upon request!