Our Bicycles

As the violin for the violinist, so are the bikes the most important instruments for us to safely and comfortably conquer a bike-tour. During the last years the whole bike-scene has evolved explosively. The bike market has become more colourful, everything the heart desires can be obtained! Unfortunately it is not possible for us to offer you this whole palette. We have to narrow it down to one/two bike types that possibly combine the advantages of the diverse types optimally.
For our tours we use well equipped touring bikes of Merida and Neuser that suit our high demands for a comfortable, easily handled travel bike: 28" bike size, Shimano 21-Speed SIS chain gearshift with optical display for selected gear, traffic-ready installation, luggage-rack and fender as well as front and rear brakes (most modern V-Brake and Cantilever brakes). Special requests are also fulfilled by us: upon (preliminary) demand we can offer you Shimano 3-Speed touring-bikes with coaster brake. Bike sizes are 28"/26" for men and women, but we also have bikes equipped with gear shift for children and young people. The bags designed specially for VELO-TOURING are ideal for the most important things for the day: photo and video camera, hanky, swimsuit, rain coat, sunglasses, suncream and other trifles can be packed into it without a problem.
The rental of our bikes and standard pannier bags is included in the bike rental fee. This has been charged separately. (this fee is usually 48.- EURO per person/Tour. See at the Services and Prices of each tour page)
Of course you can also come with your own bike to the tour. In case of usage of an own bike the price of the tour will be reduced with the amount of the bike rental. In this case please do not forget that you are responsible for providing proper spare parts for your brand. We recommend to bring perfectly maintained bicycles only. If you would like to transport your own bike on your return by railway or hydrofoil from Budapest/Hungary it would be advisable very much to announce your requirement for a bike-transfer ticket the same time as soon as you are applying for the tour. So there are many reasons to choose our bikes. Actually there is just one reason to bring your own: in case you ride a bike specially built for you because of medical or anatomical reasons.
The VELO-TOURING fleet (200 bikes) is constantly attended and groomed, taken under overhaul annually and are regularly renewed.

You may have a look at a collection of the images h e r e.
We have comfortable E-bikes to book as well - information about our Electric Bicycles, they have 21 gears - this is really a rarity.
Look behind the scenes - our bikes in the depot.