Range of Services - Useful Information for the Hirer

  • Regularly maintained 28” touring bicycles /trekking bikes/ provided
  • Pick-up and Drop-off of the bicycles basically at the VELO-TOURING bike depot -
    Address: 1118 Budapest (XI. district, Buda-Side), Előpatak u. 1
  • Upon special request follower/Service van to bike & luggage transporting possibility, or bike pick-up/drop-off outside Budapest possible for a surcharge as well, but reservation in advance is needed.
  • Special „1-day rent” means at us 24 hours (especially advantageous for the ‘long summer-days’)
  • Bicycle-accessory for a friendly surcharge: helmet, large bags, gloves, maps, etc...
  • City- or short break cycling holidays: we are putting together attractive collection of cycling short breaks in Budapest or/and in surrounds: we provide regular lead „one-day bicycle tours” for small groups with the following bicycle trips upon request: Buda and/or Pest cycle tour, Budapest with Margaret Island - Szentendre Town and Island, Trips along the Danube, - Budapest and the Danube Bend, after a short train- or bus transfer bike ride around the Lake Balaton or Velence Lake. (-He is the "little brother of the Lake Balaton" - Pricing and further details will be sent upon enquiry -) These short breaks are ideal for a city break with a bike - Create your own guided- or self-guided cycling tour around the local area !
  • Our depot can be reached by (for example): metro/underground/ line M2 to Southern Railway Station (hung. Déli pu.) or Széll Kálmán tér, from the underground exit go to the nearby public bus stop of the line NR. 139, run up to the station "Dayka Gábor-Street/utca" (at the UNI-Student Home and Hotel & Business Centre Rubin), than on foot upwards along the Dayka Gábor utca (Street) to Elopatak Street /crossing/. Turn here right and at the north-end of the street you can find our depot in a single and high blockhouse with a great & fenced garden. (next to a small closed food-store). Go into the garden! - and there is a (door) entry phone. Please ring (=to punch in) the bell No 66 = "VELO-TOURING"
  • Before your visit at our depot is any time an e-mail application expects and for pick up off your bikes is a written confirmation from us necessary.
  • Good connection from here to EuroVelo 6 - along the Danube (Budapest southern tract, in direction of Belgrade) with the hired cycle usable, lasts only about 20 minutes.
  • Another local advantage of our depot is the easy accessibility of the Budapest-Kelenföld train(railway) - new Metro Line4(subway/underground)-Bus combined station (a so called "triple-terminal"), in fact a train station in the direction to the Lake Balaton, to Velence Lake and to Vienna as well.(this station is only 10 minutes reached from us by bike!)

Each renter (single or team) will receive free of charge for the bicycle tour:
  • 1 Air-pump
  • 1 glue-set with patches of several sizes
  • 2 screwdrivers (cross-edged and standard)
  • 1 small pliers
  • 1 set hexagon-keys
  • 1 bike lock for each bike
  • 1 fork wrench 13/15

All these accessories will be taken back upon returning the bicycles.
In case of loss the value will have to be charged!

Our VELO-TOURING team is always pleased to be at your disposition for questions or further information.

Elopatak u. 1.
1118 Budapest (HUNGARY)
Tel: (+36)-1-319-0571
Mobile/Cell phone or SMS:
Internet: www.velo-touring.hu
E-mail: pedal@velo-touring.hu